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Follow these instructions to repack your NavVis VLX back in the box.

  1. Place the NavVis VLX in the box
    Put the shoulder hooks into the box first.
  2. Remove the batteries and the SSD
    Put them in the slots in the foam.
  3. Loosen the screws
    Use the provided torque wrench to loosen the screws securing the folding mechanism.
  4. Fold the NavVis VLX
    Completely fold the device into the box, and do not drop it. Keep your fingers and clothes clear of the folding mechanism to avoid pinching them.
  5. Put the accessories in the box
    Place the belt into the slot at the back of the box. You must insert the lower side of the belt into the box first. If you purchased your NavVis VLX with six batteries, place the two extra batteries in the two compartments under the belt. Make sure all items are secure in the box.
  6. Close the box securely
    Secure all seven latches before moving the box.