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Maintenance Service

Additional to regular care of your device as described in Caring for your device ,NavVis recommends having your device professionally serviced every one to two years. Each service consists of an inspection for any potential damage, a check for any defects and subsequent repair, as well as a re-calibration.
Note: Update the NavVis System Software (refer here) regularly for best performance.


All services will either be executed at an official NavVis office or with assistance of technically trained NavVis staff.

Services can only be booked with your local NavVis reseller or NavVis Support at NavVis Support​, if purchased directly.

The following would indicate that the device requires a service sooner than every one or two years:

  • The device is used daily.

  • The surface of the cameras or laser sensors are scratched.

  • The device was involved in a severe crash or multiple bumps leaving marks and scratches.

  • The device is regularly exposed handling of air freight.

  • The device is regularly exposed to extreme environments (dust, heat, or high humidity).

If you are not sure NavVis Support will advice you or your local NavVis reseller on the need for professional maintenance.


Regularly having your ​NavVis VLX re-calibrated ensures that the device will perform at the highest accuracy and quality as shown in the specifications on this User Guide, refer here for specifications.

A service including re-calibration can only be executed at the NavVis headquarters in Munich, Germany. There is no objective calibration verification available without having the device at this location.

The latest calibration date and version of your ​NavVis VLX is marked on a black and white sticker attached to the device.​​​​​​