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Hardware Setup Instructions

This section contains information on how to setup the hardware of the NavVis VLX .

Caution Do not attempt to dismantle or repair your NavVis VLX.
  • Do not remove the NavVis VLX from the box until instructed.

  • Do not adjust the size of the NavVis VLX while scanning a dataset.

Note: Only one person is required to perform all tasks.
Note: Time required for assembly of the device is approximately 10 minutes.

Contents of the box

Checking and Charging the Batteries

To begin scanning at least two batteries must be at 80% (4 out of 5 LED indicators on).

  1. Check the battery level
    Press the button on the side of the battery to check if the battery needs charging. Each LED indicates 20% of total charge.
  2. Assemble the charger
    Insert the cable's blue plug into the blue socket of the charger adapter.
  3. Plug in the charger
    When the charger is plugged in, but no batteries are connected, the LED indicator turns green.
  4. Insert the batteries
    You will hear a click when you correctly insert the battery, and the LED indicator will turn red.
    Note: A pair of empty batteries will be fully charged in two and a half hours. Disconnect the batteries once charging is complete.
    Note: We recommend that batteries have the same charge level when used during scanning, as the lifespan of the battery cells will decrease if the load is carried by only one battery. However, you can still operate NavVis VLX if the charge levels of the batteries do not match.

Adjusting the Size

Note: This step should only be performed if the size needs adjusting.
  1. Remove the screws
    With the NavVis VLX in the box, remove the two screws with the torque wrench provided.
  2. Adjust the size
    Slide the belt hook to the correct size. The device can be adjusted to the following height sizes: XS (Extra Small), S (Small), M (Medium), L (Large), and XL (Extra Large).
  3. Tighten the screws
    Install the two screws with the torque wrench provided. Keep turning until you hear a sharp click.

Unfolding and Switching On

  1. Unfold the NavVis VLX
    Use the handle to unfold the NavVis VLX.
    Caution Keep your fingers and clothes clear of the folding mechanism.
  2. Secure the folding mechanism
    Tighten two locking screws shown with the torque wrench, until you hear a click (2.5 Nm). The NavVis VLX must rest in the box during this step.
  3. Insert the SSD
    Insert the SSD into the slot on the side of the NavVis VLX.
  4. Insert the batteries
    Insert the batteries into both mounts and ensure they are fully locked into position (you will hear a click).
  5. Remove from the box
    Grasp the handle and frame, and remove the NavVis VLX from the box.
  6. Place on a level surface
    Place the NavVis VLX on a flat level surface such as a table or the floor. The belt hook and shoulder hooks must rest on the surface.
  7. Clean the sensors
    If there is dust or fingerprints on the cameras or laser scanners, use a clean and dry microfiber cloth to clean them gently.
  8. Switch on the NavVis VLX
    Press the power button on the side of the NNavVis VLX. Leave the device on a flat surface for 30 seconds until the device is ready (indicated with a beep).

Checking the fit

  1. Putting on the belt
    Fasten the belt tightly around your waist. The hook holster must face forward. The straps must not be twisted.
    Note: If required remove the back pad for a tighter fit or add the belt extension for a wider fit (provided in the box).
  2. Put on the NavVis VLX
    Put the hook into the holster of the belt and rest the shoulder hooks on your shoulders.
  3. Testing the fit
    Most of the weight should be carried on the waist and a little on the shoulders.
    • If too much weight is on your shoulders use one size larger.
    • If too much weight is on your waist use one size smaller.

    Note: To readjust the size, put the NavVis VLX back in the box, refer to Adjusting the Size.