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Technical Support

You can access technical support through the Help menu of the UI.

Getting to the Help screen

From the NavVis VLX home screen, tap the Help button at the top right of the screen to open the help menu. The following options are available:

  • About the NavVis VLX.

  • Remote Support.

  • Save Logs.

  • Tutorial.

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About the NavVis VLX screen

From the About this VLX screen, you can check the following:
  • Check the software version on the NavVis VLX: The version number indicates the official release, while the software packages it depends on are numbered independently.
  • Check the calibrated version.
  • Check the last calibration for the device with the date format
  • Check for a software update and install the update to the device.
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Checking for a software update

  1. Check the information about the software version, calibrated version, and the last calibration is correct.
  2. Connect to the Internet.
  3. Tap Check for update.
  4. If an updated software version is available for the NavVis VLX, the New version available screen appears listing the new software version and packages available.
  5. Tap Install. While the software is installing, do not turn off the device.
  6. Tap Finish once the update installs successfully.Layer

Contacting NavVis

Contact NavVis technical support with a precise description of the problem.
  1. From the Help screen, click Remote support.
  2. Contact NavVis technical support Monday to Friday from 8AM - 6PM CET using one of the following methods:
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Remote Support

If you have agreed on a date with NavVis technical support for your support request, you can open a remote support session on the device.

To start a remote support session:

  1. Make sure you connect an Ethernet cable to the Ethernet port on the NavVis VLX 3.
  2. Make sure batteries that provide the power to the VLX are fully charged.

  3. From the Help screen, Tap Remote Support.
  4. Tap Remote support. The TeamViewer instance launches on the NavVis VLX 3 on top of the UI.
  5. Provide the device specific ID and password shown in this window to NavVis technical support.

Accessing Tutorials

To access the tutorials which describe best practices when using the NavVis VLX, perform the following steps:

  1. From the Help screen, tap Tutorial.
  2. From the Tutorial overview screen, tap one of the following tutorials:
  • Performing loop closures.
  • Optimizing point cloud capture.
  • Capturing panoramic images.
  • Capturing control points

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To access further information about NavVis VLX best practices, tap Read more and scan the QR code. The NavVis VLX starter training opens. Tap OK to close the QR screen.